5 Steps to a Great Salad

Steph Wagner

October 3, 2013

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Salads have some great things to them:

1. Texture.

2. Flavors.

3. I feel Healthy.

4. Great compliment to a main entree, or great AS the main entree

Although they have some negatives in my opinion:

1. Takes forever to chop.

2. Ingredients add up fast and seem expensive.

3. Same salad over and over gets boooooring.

Many times I have had the thought, “that’s it, I’m only going to order salads instead of making them myself. It would probably cost less and I don’t have to make it!”

But I finally found a theory to salad making that I most generally stick with. These 5 layers of a salad make it easy to prepare, lots of variety to be found, and not nearly as expensive. Fast, affordable, variety. Yep…that’s my style! Enjoy this video and take notes on the 5 keys to a great salad.

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