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Nacho Chicken Chili

Nacho Chicken Chili Instant Pot or Crockpot Recipe for chicken chili with nacho flavors Nacho Chicken Chili, add toppings for extra fun There really is no shortage of chili options. Not only for ground beef or turkey but even in the world of chicken chili! This Nacho Chicken Chili is another way to change the … Continue reading “Nacho Chicken Chili”

Queso Chicken Chili

Queso Chicken Chili Pressure Cooker or Slow Cooker recipe for a healthy spin on a blend of queso cheese dip and white chicken chili   Making it creamy without the fat My favorite trick about this Queso Chicken Chili recipe is how to make it creamy without extra cream and cheese. You might be surprised … Continue reading “Queso Chicken Chili”

Kitchen Sink Chicken Chili

Kitchen Sink Chicken Chili   Kitchen Sink Chicken Chili – it’s all in the name. I knew I wanted to make a large crockpot full of chicken chili this weekend when snow came our way, but I didn’t know quite what recipe to use. So I used a strange mixture of several and threw in just about everything … Continue reading “Kitchen Sink Chicken Chili”

White Chicken Chili

White Chicken Chili   It’s recipe #2 for Chili Week! Yummmzies!!! This is another super quick weeknight meal idea. You can never have enough! Here’s the deal with chili people. Beans are starchy. Protein, yes…but starchy. If you are a weight-conscious person, my recommendation is to go heavy on the meat, and light on the … Continue reading “White Chicken Chili”

Beefy BBQ Chili

Beefy BBQ Chili     Beefy BBQ Chili: full of protein, full of flavor Chili is a bariatric patients friend I am all about chili when it comes to weight loss surgery meals. They pack the ultimate protein punch! Plus flavor! Plus you can freeze and reheat later! I mean…so many great things about chili. … Continue reading “Beefy BBQ Chili”