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What Vitamins Does a Post-Op WLS Really Need? Video

What Vitamins after Bariatric Surgery does a Patient Need…   and for how long?       Are you wondering what vitamins are needed after bariatric surgery? Or how long you need to take them? Below is a recording from a Live Video for members answering questions about Bariatric vitamins. Scroll down for answers to … Continue reading “What Vitamins Does a Post-Op WLS Really Need? Video”

Keeping Bariatric Vitamins Simple

Getting on a good vitamin supplement routine is KEY to your health and well being for years beyond your surgery. Vitamin deficiencies are┬ánasty and nothing you want to deal with. You can read more about Vitamin D here and Iron here. The great news for postop bariatric surgery patients…there are SO many more options than … Continue reading “Keeping Bariatric Vitamins Simple”

Skillet Roasted Carrots

Skillet Roasted Carrots Bariatric friendly vegetable side dish, carrots roasted on the stove top   Soft cooked with extra flavor So far I have made these Skillet Roasted Carrots three times, I am a big fan! Steamed carrots have always been a go to vegetable in my meal plans. They have great flavor on their … Continue reading “Skillet Roasted Carrots”

Best Bariatric Surgery Phone Apps (Revised Edition: 2017)

Water Apps Drink Water: – Set goal amount of daily drinking water and track it. – Log amount of daily drinking water. – Touch to log each drinking. – Customize volume of each glass of water. – Customize how much of water you drink each time, 1/4 glass, 1/2 glass – Plan drinking schedule and … Continue reading “Best Bariatric Surgery Phone Apps (Revised Edition: 2017)”