Bariatric Coaching Call: Afternoon Cravings & Premature Fullness

Steph Wagner

May 5, 2020

Live Bariatric Coaching Call Recording!


Member Teri shares about afternoon cravings and feeling hungry soon after eating


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Summary of our coaching call

Teri is an active member of the Bariatric Food Coach community and won this coaching call for engaging with our Daily Challenges in the closed Facebook group for members!

Prior to our call I asked Teri a few questions including what her typical day consisted of and what her biggest challenge was right now that we could talk through during our time together.

Much of Teri’s current challenges involve the changes to her exercise routine. She was previously working with a trainer at the gym but prior to the COVID-19 shutdowns, she had hand surgery. She has another surgery coming up soon that will start another round of healing for her body.

We also talked through her typical day of eating and drinking and honed in on what we could do to better control her hunger and cravings in the afternoon.
We dig into why she gets hungry shortly after eating her meals and what habits and tweaks in her day can help manage her hunger.

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