Bariatric Nutrition Label Cheat Sheet

Steph Wagner

September 8, 2020

Bariatric Nutrition Label Cheat Sheet


A resource for members to Bariatric Food Coach


Printed PDF of Bariatric Nutrition Label Cheat Sheet on a table


Reading Nutrition Labels After Bariatric Surgery

It can be super overwhelming to read a nutrition label. What do I look at? Fiber? Sodium? Protein? Carbs? Saturated Fat?

These are the things that swirl the brain even BEFORE a bariatric surgery! If you’ve done any sort of weight loss program before (who hasn’t?) all the information from past programs makes it even more confusing.

What about net carbs?

This doesn’t have much protein but is it supposed to? It’s a salad dressing.

It is all so much!!


This is why I created a video course and a cheat sheet for reading nutrition labels after bariatric surgery!

Members to Bariatric Food Coach can print or save the cheat sheet for their grocery shopping trips or online orders. Need extra information on what or how to look at labels for certain food items? The video course goes more in depth!

Members can find this list by tapping/clicking My Account then Members Resources and scrolling to the bottom for the linked image.

The first lesson in the video is unlocked for anyone to watch. Join as a member and get access to the full course! You can also get the cheat sheet either inside the course or on the Members Resource page when you are logged in member.

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