Bariatric Product Review: Quest Cookie

Steph Wagner

January 28, 2018

Bariatric Product Review: Quest Cookie

Bariatric Product Reviews | FoodCoach.Me
Quest Protein Cookie | Bariatric Product Review | FoodCoach.Me

⇒Name of Product:  Quest Protein Cookie

⇒Where it was purchased: HyVee (local grocery store, also available online – affiliate link –

⇒Cost: $1.99 for single package, $21.99 for box of 12

Nutrition Information:

Quest Protein Cookie | Bariatric Product Review | FoodCoach.Me

One cookie has 250 calories, 15 grams of protein, 19 grams of carbohydrate and WOAH 17 grams of fat.

Here is my feeling on this product. 15 grams of protein for a cookie? Wonderful. That makes this a feeling snack. 19 grams of carbohydrates? Hey, it’s under 20 grams and if the rest of the day was free of starchy foods or sweets, this is pretty balanced to the protein count.

But, the fat? WOW. That is a lot of fat for a protein supplement.

I bought it anyway to 1) eat it and 2) write this review.

The fat certainly gives this product more of a cookie texture but it was really yummy and it did break like a cookie, not like a protein bar.

However, something to keep in mind with fat? One gram of protein or carbohydrates is 4 calories per gram. One gram of fat is NINE calories. So it may look like this cookie has about the same amount of protein, carbs and fat but in actuality is way higher in fat. In terms of percentages, it would look like this:

61% fat

30% carbs

24% protein



How it might be used:


This is a special treat albeit still much better than a traditional cookie. It would still be more filling for you, keep blood sugars more controlled and keep you from falling into the addictive trap of sugar compared to the real deal cookie.

This might be one of those “oh my goodness I am want to eat SOMETHING dessert like but don’t want to throw myself under the bus” type of situations. Instead of grabbing ice cream or cookies or anything else that the person next to you is tempting you with, this would totally take care of you and leave you in a better place.

So yes – I would still recommend having one an hand for an “emergency” weak moment. I would not use them as even a weekly treat though. You can use the Quest protein bars for something like that! 

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