• I’ve wanted to create a website for a long time for my clients. A place to share my recipes; something they know they can have. I tend to get very excited when I have new ideas, and the same was true in this case. I just couldn’t stop there! Along with recipes I wanted to share all my daily tricks, tips, products, and any other ideas that pop into my head. My daily goal is to live well, stay active, and make good choices. Why not share it all online? (I mean honestly, I’m on my computer anyway!)
  • Again, I didn’t stop there. Next I decided I wanted to provide food coaching online too. It’s hard to get off work and get to an appointment, and although I hate to admit it, a dietitan may not be the first priority compared to the doctor. Virtual phone calls from the convenience of home also means we can have more frequent follow ups which is better for accountability and success.
  • Weight-loss surgery programs don’t always provide nutrition visits long-term, or in some cases no diet instruction is given at all. Perhaps your surgery was performed years ago before nutrition counseling was offered. Virtual calls allows visits to be accessible for anyone and my hope is for postop patients to have somewhere to go for individual attention.
  • Surgical diet recommendations are not consistent from program to program and conflicting information can get overwhelming. Correct diet changes allows the surgery to work to its full potential. We will discuss how to control hunger, keep portions down, and get weight off again. Even if your surgery was years ago. Click here for a special note to postop weight-loss surgery patients. 

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