Asian Chicken Bowl

Steph Wagner

February 14, 2013

Asian Chicken Bowl   Enjoy this same recipe served cold for a delicious Asian Chicken Salad! Great for lunches!  A long time ago I discovered a Light Asian Dressing that I love. It’s made by Kraft (Lite Toasted Asian Sesame Dressing) and over the years I have used it for lettuce wraps, marinades and salads. It is … Continue reading "Asian Chicken Bowl"

Balsamic Chicken Summer Squash Salad

Steph Wagner

September 5, 2012

Balsamic Chicken Summer Squash Salad High protein, low carb and dairy free dinner with fresh flavors. For patients on a low carb post-bariatric surgery diet.   Yummy in your tummy salad. If you like salads, roasted squash, and balsamic vinegar on your chicken. Well then, you’ll really like this. Many patients ask when they can … Continue reading "Balsamic Chicken Summer Squash Salad"