Jalapeno Chili Lime Turkey Burger

Steph Wagner

January 18, 2018

Jalapeno Chili Lime Turkey Burger Turkey burgers are one of my FAVORITE weight loss surgery recipes! It’s not even because it’s ground turkey. In fact, I’m of the mindset that it matters more how¬†lean your meat is compared to WHICH meat it is. A ground beef can be 97% lean and a ground turkey could … Continue reading "Jalapeno Chili Lime Turkey Burger"

Sweet Baby Carrots

Steph Wagner

January 16, 2018

Sweet Baby Carrots Here’s a bariatric friendly side dish that is almost too easy that I forgot to share! Some recipes are so second nature to my that it doesn’t even cross my mind to make it a blog post. Some of you will be bored with how simple this post is…no problem. I have … Continue reading "Sweet Baby Carrots"

Chunky Garden Italian Chicken

Steph Wagner

January 11, 2018

Chunky Garden Italian Chicken This Bariatric friendly recipe has a lot of things going for it…are you ready?? First – it’s dairy free! I’ve had several requests for patients wanting more recipes that do not contain any dairy. While I have tons of recipes that don’t contain dairy, I have not always flagged them specifically! … Continue reading "Chunky Garden Italian Chicken"

Orange Infused Green Beans

Steph Wagner

February 1, 2017

Orange Infused Green Beans   Bariatric friendly vegetable side dish I really love the fresh flavor the orange provides in this somewhat basic green bean dish. Let’s face it, side dishes often get the ‘back burner’ (pun intended) because the protein requires more focus! Something simple like changing the flavor profile to include a fresh … Continue reading "Orange Infused Green Beans"