Low Carb Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Steph Wagner

August 5, 2013

Yes, even if your dietitian told you to be careful about eating too many sugary fruits like bananas…this is still okay, because it doesn’t actually use bananas. Tricky eh?? Bananas do provide carbohydrates (sugar) and this can provide spikes in blood sugar or even slow down your weight loss at times. Since I used a banana … Continue reading "Low Carb Chocolate Banana Smoothie"

Sugar-Free Cucumber & Mint Limeade

Steph Wagner

June 19, 2013

Sugar-Free Cucumber & Mint Limeade Ahhhhhhhh. Excuse me. I just took a refreshing drink of a cucumber & mint limeade. And I am relaxed. I found an article in a Rachael Ray magazine about a Cucumber & Mint Limeade, which sounded delicious, but included a cup of sugar. I wondered….could I? Can I? Would this taste … Continue reading "Sugar-Free Cucumber & Mint Limeade"