How to Get the Most out of Bariatric Surgery

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Video Course Info

This course includes 4 videos in total. The video on this page is the first video “The Best Meal Plan after Surgery” and the next three videos will be displayed further down the page as lessons.

Disclaimer: I highly recommend working with a dietitian individually! If you need help finding someone licensed in your state, contact me and I will help. Dietitians differ so the messages I share in this video may have differences from those of your surgery team. I see this as a good thing as you gather all information and views to put together the style that fits you best!

Nutrition is confusing

Let’s be honest, different patients get different messages in the weight loss surgery world. It can get overwhelming to figure out which approach is the best.

⇒Do you need to force more protein?

⇒How many grams of carbs? Fat? Protein?

⇒Aren’t some carbs good?

Nutrition can be “clear as mud” and then adding weight loss surgery on top of it…what applies to surgery patients and what doesn’t? Why do your friends get different information from their doctors?

In this video, I share my approach to the best meal plan after surgery for both the best results and for the best nutrition in your body.



The Truth About Carbs

Length: 5 minutesComplexity: Easy

What is the real talk about carbs? Are they all bad and how much is okay?

Back to Basics

Length: 4 minutesComplexity: Easy

Are you missing some of the most basic needs of your body?