WLS Patient’s At Home Workout Series

Workout videos for bariatric patients

Weight Loss Surgery Workout Videos that you can do at home! They aren't totally beginner because let's be honest - High Intensity Interval Training and Tabata are not easy! But if you are ready to take your exercise to the next level but for 20 minutes at home - these are a great resource!

High intensity interval training and Tabata workouts you can do at home.

Jenn Marasco joined me in my basement to create these workout videos for members to FoodCoach.Me! A Certified exercise instructor and Nationally Certified Wellness Coach who joined me in my basement (when I was 12 weeks pregnant!) to show me how to do muscle burnout and cardio for 20 minutes a day.

I would not consider this a true beginners workout! Start with just as much of the video as you feel ready for. As Jenn says “work your hardest at YOUR level.”

I also encourage you to incorporate low intensity exercises such as walking and use these exercise for additional strength building! Low heart rate activity such as walking burns fat but not carbs which aids in weight loss AND keeps appetite down. If you notice your hunger is not controlled with these workouts, you may want to take it down to the low impact option, increase water and try and time these workouts where a meal will follow shortly after.

Note: The first video is an introductory video. Lesson 1 starts the workout series!