Cute Valentine’s Gifts that Aren’t Food

Steph Wagner

February 4, 2015

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday that always catches me off guard. I’ve never been one to dislike Valentine’s Day, by any means, but when it comes to holidays that could knock me off a healthy eating plan, I never think of February 14th as being much of a threat.

Through the years as I’ve coached patients through their weight loss journey, I’ve started to notice just how tempting of a holiday this is. When someone tells me “I had a hard month, you know, with Valentine’s Day and all….” I realize that this actually is way more of a food holiday than I’ve ever given it credit for.

Especially if you love sweets. Yikes! If you like sweets, you can probably agree this is a hard holiday to stay on the straight and narrow with weight-loss. Chocolates everyday, candy conversation hearts and cupcakes out the wazoo. Is that how you spell wazoo?? 

Between office parties and school parties and, oh yeah, time with your actual Valentine, the treats pile up quickly. Then of course all the stores have to go and mark their Valentine’s Day candy 80% off so you find yourself tempted all over again!

This year I want to encourage you to think outside the candy box and treat family, co-workers and friends with sweet little gifts that have nothing to do with food. They will be thankful and you will feel even more satisfied in giving them something they can enjoy longer than ten minutes.

These photos were taken at my local Dollar Tree store. Whether you find yourself at the dollar store, the sale aisles of Hobby Lobby or somewhere in between, I know you’ll find lots of fun gifts to send to school or the office.

Several cute coffee mugs at Dollar Tree. Add a few bags of a yummy herbal tea for an extra touch!



The kids in my life love getting a new pencil! These cute Valentine’s pencils are 12 for $1.



These cute sticker boxes are 18 for $1!



I can never have too many tote bags – especially for grocery shopping. I even buy a couple extra tote bags from the dollar store and use them in place of a gift bag!


Have a very Happy and Healthy Valentine’s Day to all my FoodCoachMe followers and friends!

XOXO – Steph


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