February 2018 – 28 Day Focus Challenge for WLS Patients

Steph Wagner

January 28, 2018

February 2018 – 28 Day Focus Challenge for WLS Patients

Feb 2018 28 Day Focus Challenge for WLS Patients | Enrollment Open
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Three times a year FoodCoach.Me hosts a 28 Day “Focus” Challenge for WLS Patients…and that time has come again!

It seems certain times of the year feel a little more “dull” than others and are often the culprit months of losing focus and falling into old habits. February, to me, is one of them.

The shimmer of the holidays has long faded away (unless your Christmas lights have yet to come down) but Spring and all of it’s freshness seems far off in the distance.

Valentine’s day doens’t seem like a difficult holiday but in my 8.5 years of being a bariatric dietitian, the candy of Valentine’s day has sent many a patient off course from their January goals.

It seems to me February is an important time to re-find your focus.

So what is the challenge?

First, any of the visions you have of the Biggest Loser or a water drinking challenge or ab crunching challenge should be put aside for the moment.

Second, WLS patients are in a different place than non-surgical patients. This is a ‘focus’ challenge specific to patients who have had (or will be having) a weight loss surgery procedure and need guidance and information that fits their situation.

Yes, every program is different. FoodCoach.Me and all the videos, meal plans and challenges are meant to be encouragement, inspiration and positive information not specific medical advice.


The challenge is this:

28 Day Focus Challenge for Weight Loss Surgery Patients | FoodCoach.Me

Our theme for this challenge is “triggers” and together we will identify what events lead up towards our food decisions, for better or for worse.

Weekly meal plans (two options, one with ‘dinner only’ and room for your personalization on breakfast and lunch) or a ‘full meal plan’ that is completed for you. This include the grocery shopping list and all recipes too!

Nutrition guides for the moments that came up and the meal plan didn’t work out. Such as a quick reference dining out guide, batch cooking meal ideas and ‘no cook’ meal ideas.

Exercise videos and suggested videos based on your exercise level preference. Anything from 10 minute higher intensity exercises you can do at home to walking videos or strength exercises you can do in a chair.

Food journal information – the best way to keep one and the standard recommendations for what percentage of protein, carbs and fat you should aim for.

Live online check in’s via Facebook events. We’ll talk about TRIGGERS (our focus for this challenge) as well as set goals for the week on what habits we want to maintain, what habits we want to focus on and how are going to make self care a priority for our week.

The option to be paired up with an accountability partner to touch base with over email. You can elect to be paired based on which surgery or how far out you are from surgery.

Ready to get started??


Here’s the next bit of info.

If you are a member to FoodCoach.Me this challenge is included in the price of your membership and will show up as $0 in your cart! Click this link to “checkout” and thus get yourself enrolled! You must be signed in to your account to see this page. 

If you are interested in becoming a member, you’ll gain access to not only the challenge but also the 500+ recipe library, all video courses, all meal plans and email access to myself (Steph). The monthly fee is $12 per month and can be cancelled at anytime. This is the link to become a member – start here and then you can enroll in the challenge at no cost. 

If you would like to take the challenge but not become a member, you can join us for $30 for the 28 days. Click this link to checkout and join only the challenge. 

That’s it! You should now have all the information you need, but if you still have questions you can contact me at steph@foodcoach.me

The challenge starts Thursday February 1st so enroll before it closes on January 31st!

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  1. Hi, I am unable to get signed up. I don’t know if it is because I screwed up when I joined foodcoach.me. I have an ‘order’ that is still in processing status, but also another order that has been verified and approved. Who can I contact to get the pending order deleted and the ability to sign up for the challenge? Thank you!

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