Focus Challenge FAQ – June 2021

Steph Wagner

June 1, 2021

Focus Challenge Frequently Asked Challenge Questions

Prefer to hear about it in video form? Click here for a list of short videos answering common questions! 

What do I need to do to sign up? 

The Focus Challenge is for members to Bariatric Food Coach. It is not an additional charge but is not available outside of membership. Become a member and the welcome email will include the link to then ‘checkout’ for the challenge at $0.

Do I need to be on Facebook? 
📲 No, Facebook is not a requirement!

🖥 We do have a closed Facebook group for members but all challenge communication arrives via email and materials are posted on the website.

You can choose to engage with other members in a small group inside the GroupMe app. Groups have a leader and are categorized by surgery and time since surgery.
All live calls take place in Zoom and not on Facebook. Calls will be recorded and available on the website after the call.

How do the Live Calls work? 

The Live Calls take place on Zoom. 10 minutes prior to the call members can chat but once we start everyone will be muted and use the chat box to engage. Your video is on unless you want to turn the camera off. No one will be visible in the replay video.

What is the challenge exactly? Who is it for?

To keep it simple – the challenge is picking ONE healthy habit related goal for yourself to get focused on.  

You will download and print a goal tracker form, pick ① food goal and ① exercise goal.
This Thursday, June 3rd at 7:30pm Central 
I will host a Goal Setting Workshop to help you settle in on the goal for you.  This will be recorded and replay available.

The challenge is for bariatric surgery patients. The majority of members are post-op patients but pre-op patients have a GroupMe group and are invited to join us!

What does the ‘theme’ of the challenge mean?
Every challenge has a theme to help us consider bigger picture things outside of the healthy habit goal you’re focusing on

The theme for the June Challenge is Mindful Eating AND BONUS we have an optional workbook to help us have daily prompts!This is the link to the book on Amazon.

Should I do a ‘reset’ before the challenge? 

🍴Some members choose to do a reset style of diet before the challenge or in the first week of the challenge. This is up to you if it helps you refocus. There are different styles of ‘reset’ diets and this blog shares more.

The challenge itself is to pick ONE goal so if you do a reset diet to get focused, you still have one overarching goal beyond a “reset”

Live Calls and Other Resources

Outside of the Thursday Goal Setting Workshop, all other live calls will be Sunday evenings at 7:30pm Central.

Calls are scheduled for June 13th, 20th and 27th

There will be a ‘challenge page’ on the website which is the hub for all things challenge. Recorded calls and other FAQ videos will be on this page. Meal plans will be on the meal plans page.

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2 thoughts on “Focus Challenge FAQ – June 2021”

  1. I am one week post op from having bariatric bypass surgery. I start my puree diet next Monday and don’t know what to eat for the next 4 wks. Can you help me?

  2. @Marlene Morrow congratulations on your surgery! I am happy to help in the ways I can. Do you have a bariatric program and/or dietitian that has provided information on what the diet includes? Feel free to email me and I will point in the whatever direction I can!

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