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  1. @ferferren great to know, I have to add those manually and it’s hard to create a good process for getting those up for each profile. I will add yours now. Anyone reading this in the future email support@foodcoachme.com if you are connected and don’t see a checklist

  2. can you have more than 1 bariatric group on here? im with sage bariatrics, thats my surgeons program, how can i add yours too?

  3. @Minda C Hyde Great question! I need to update this post with that information.

    Dan with Baritastic says you cannot connect to more than one program at a time. He recommends staying connected with your surgeon but you can switch back and forth when it’s helpful. You would need to keep the code for each program stored somewhere so you can re-connect to the one you are needing.

  4. I’m have trouble downloading this app. I guess my phone and laptop does not support the app. I have a laptop that has window’s 7 and a prepaid phone. I still looking into it. If you have any information on how I can download the app I would appreciate it.

  5. @Tami Karelse
    I sent an email to the owner of the App! We do collaborate, but the Baritastic app is a separate company from Bariatric Food Coach. I will let you know what he says!

  6. Here is the response to the app being available outside the U.S.
    It is available in a few English speaking countries. But the food database is only based in north America so it is not available in most other countries for that reason.

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