Goal Setting Workshop Info!

Steph Wagner

May 23, 2022

What is the Goal Setting Workshop?


dates for the summer 2022 focus challenge on bariatric food coach

Summer 2022 Focus Challenge Goal Setting Call Thursday, June 2nd

The workshop is a live call on Zoom but unlike a “coaching call” it has more time and space for you to work through what habit you want to focus in on during the four weeks of the Focus Challenge.

I go over the Goal Tracker in detail to help everyone understand how it might be used.

The Goal Tracker can be printed off or is available inside the Focus Challenge Workbook available for purchase on Amazon. 

You can also purchase the workbook in PDF form here. 


In the workshop you will write down all the habits you want to focus on, circle the ones that feel most important and begin to draft how to make that into a specific, measurable and attainable goal.

We will go over several examples to get your wheels turning.

Then you “sit on it” over the weekend. The Goal Setting Workshop takes place the Thursday before we start a challenge on a Monday. This allows you to have time over the weekend to think through your goal, decide if that is the one you are going to do and then make your preparations to start on Monday!



Goals are not weight related, they are habit related

A common point of confusion is where to put in your goal weight of how much to lose during the challenge.

For the purpose of this challenge, we will focus first on the actions (habits) and then celebrate results (weight loss, stamina, energy, clothing changes, mood improvement and so on).

This is not a challenge to lose weight per se but instead to help you get back to basics and build healthy habits that help you feel your best. Results come alongside that in many ways, and we hope the scale is included :)



How to join the challenge and the Goal Setting Workshop

The Goal Setting Workshop will be at 7:30 pm Central on Thursday, June 2nd.

If you are a current member to Bariatric Food Coach and you have already enrolled in the challenge, look for the link to join our workshop on the afternoon of the June 2nd. You can also find the link on our closed Facebook group.

If you are a current member to Bariatric Food Coach and need to complete the enrollment process, click here.

If you are not a current member to Bariatric Food Coach and interested in joining the Focus Challenge, click here to join! The welcome email after becoming a member will include the link to enroll in the challenge.

The Summer 2022 Focus Challenge runs June 6th to July 3rd!


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