Grocery Store Drive Thru?! Bariatric Jackpot.

Steph Wagner

January 13, 2016

A trend has started. An amazing trend of Grocery Store Order Pickups. Jackpot!!

Having a newborn baby during cold and flu season has made me cautious to run many errands. I had heard of grocery stores offering a drive thru and pickup service and decided to take a look at what was in my area. I hit the jackpot when I found Hy-Vee (a local grocery store in my area) offers not ONLY pickup but also delivery. DELIVERY! Bags of groceries…delivered to my door!

How much you ask? If the order was over $100….FREE. For pickup or delivery. Less than $100 and pickup is $3, delivery is $5.

I had such a great experience that I started thinking, “who else offers this??” I can’t be living in the only city with this available!

And I was right. With the rise of Amazon, other stores have had to up their anty with convenience. Both Walmart and Target have introduced online ordering and same day pickup in several cities. For Walmart, a quick search of your zip code and you can see if it’s available in your area. If you prefer Target, check here.

I recommend checking the website of your preferred grocery store to see what they may offer. In my opinion, this is a major secret weapon for success in weight-loss.


For two highly important reasons:

  • You can shop online WITHOUT the temptations around every corner in the aisles. Sit in front of your computer with a few different windows opened to healthy recipes you want to try. Add a few healthy snacks and other miscellaneous items. This allows you to keep tunnel vision on the best food choices!


  • SO CONVENIENT. I mean, this is the obvious reason. But think about it. The #1 biggest reason people fall off track with healthy food choices? They didn’t plan ahead. Instead of carving out the time to make a grocery list, get the grocery, walk all the aisles, wait in line, unload into the car and so on….we all get tempted to grab something fast. With this tool available, you can eliminate the biggest barriers to getting a grocery shopping trip done. Put together a quick online order before you go to bed and pickup on your way home from work the next day.

***Here’s another really exciting benefit in my opinion. For those of you who live outside of a major city, you can time a grocery store pickup when you are headed to the city anyway. Heading to a doctors appointment? Dropping someone at the airport? Visiting family? Create an online order and pick it up before you head back out of town! So awesome!!

Online grocery shopping with easy pickup is a total game changer for my clients, followers…and well…myself! If you’re trying to get the most out of your surgery, or even get back on track, think about this scenario:

  • You sit down to your computer with a few windows open with healthy recipes to try (even better…FoodCoachMe members can open up a meal plan that includes the full grocery list and recipes!)
  • You login to your local grocery store website, or Target or Walmart. You only put items you need in your basket (good for budgeting as well as making smart food choices!)
  • A few hours later or even the next day after work, you park in front of the grocery while their staff loads your groceries in your car. You head home and make a 20 minute meal with your healthy groceries!

You save time. You save money. You save yourself from making a wrong turn and falling off your course of eating well. Hey! Maybe with that extra time you can get in a workout!

I know how I’ll be using my time! ;)