Hey Post-ops! Get Back On Track Today!

Steph Wagner

October 24, 2016

Get Back On Track After Weight-Loss Surgery Weight Gain!

Of all the many emails I get from bariatric patients – there is none more common than a plea for help getting back on track.

Emails like this…

I am so disappointed with myself I feel like a complete loser. I believe that I have stretched my pouch out.


I’ve gained 13 pounds and I’m falling into bad habits such as snacking and eating carbs. I’m losing that strong confidence, getting discouraged and I need help to get on track and to be held accountable for my food and lifestyle choices.


I have regained about 30 pounds in the last 8 months or so
that I am desperate to get off.

So if you’ve wondered if you’ve felt alone in your feeling of guilt, embarrassment and desperation, take heart.

You are NOT alone. These 3 emails are just a small sample of what I get on a WEEKLY basis. Even better news – it’s NEVER too late to get back on track.

Because I don’t have to time to do individual coaching with every follower that wants my help, I asked my videographer to help me create a Back on Track video course for website members.

I spent a LOT of time creating videos that I felt would truly address the root issues as well as give you an actual plan of what to follow.

Sure. There are “reset” diets and “pouch tests” out there. I address those in the course and talk about whether it’s a good match for you and how to approach them in the right way. I also have a Back on Track grocery shopping list and a sample meal plan.

But before I give you the details, I address the two major tools we all need for controlling our weight. Motivation and accountability. Without these two tools, it’s nearly impossible to stay the course long-term.

If you’ve been wondering and feeling lost and even a little hopeless that surgery hasn’t worked for you, I urge you to stop and listen to these videos. Feel encouraged that taking care of this area of your life is worth your time and surround yourself in people and situations that support you on this road to wellness.

If you aren’t a member but want to take this course, you can sign up for your first two weeks FREE and access all the membership features. While I hope you find it helpful enough that you continue with the $10 monthly membership fee, know that you can cancel at anytime.

For more questions on the membership or otherwise, email me at steph@foodcoach.me. While I do get many emails everyday, I do my best to get back with you quickly.

All my best in health,

Steph :)

4 thoughts on “Hey Post-ops! Get Back On Track Today!”

  1. Dear Steph,
    I want to subscribe to your premier service but am having trouble. I have tried 3 times and now have 3 orders instead of one in the order box and the option to change to one doesn’t work for some reason. Can I possibly do this over the phone? I live in Allen Tx but am currently in California but will be back in Texas this weekend. thanks you for any help that you can give me.
    Nathan Jones

  2. Hi Nathan!
    Yes I’m happy to help. Email me at steph@foodcoach.me and we can setup a time to get on the phone. I’ll also see what I can do on my end to get your order cleaned up.


  3. Hey Steph – I subscribed to your premier service – but forgot my password – I tried a couple of weeks ago to reset my password – but after looking in my junk box cannot see the link for a reset. Is it me?

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