Best Meal Plan after Weight Loss Surgery

Best Meal Plan after Weight Loss Surgery


I will be the first to say…this title is a bit tricky!

While I do think the information in this video is the best approach for most after surgery, I will ALSO say that if you are working under the guidance of a bariatric dietitian and he or she is giving you different advice, stick with them and don’t let me confuse you.

Every program is different and that is not all bad! The ASMBS (American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery) gives general guidelines but also allows the professionals to have some freedom in how they best approach it in their practice.

This is not unlike the dietitian giving you general guidelines but allowing you some freedom in how you best approach that in your practice!

I find it is helpful to gather all the information and see what works best in your daily life. Enjoy this video as I describe why I prefer 3 meals a day with fluids in between meals, focusing on lean protein and vegetables and keeping control of starchy food and sweets.

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