Get Focused Week Two


November 7th to November 13th


Live Chat Recap

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*Later session did not get recorded

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Resources mentioned in the live chats:

Mini Meal Plans – currently one mini meal plan posted. You can also print a full meal plan but cross off recipes based on their numbers (example: recipe 2 will have a 2 next to all the ingredients in the shopping list needed for that recipe. Cross of the recipes you don’t plan to cook.)

Collections Feature!! Set to release in week three of the challenge! Stay tuned for email announcements on a live call to release the new feature!

Leslie Sansone Walking Videos – great resources for getting exercise during dark cold months!!

Exercise and the Bariatric Diet – video course that talks all about how and when to adjust your intake when you exercise more

Share your limiting beliefs!

If you are in a group – GO CHAT! Some groups are doing really thriving and others need more engagement from their members. If you signed up for a group, we need you to go chat!!! Share how things are going, what is tough and ask for new ideas.

Thank you for those sharing limiting beliefs, photos, victories, recipes and more on our Facebook page! If you haven’t checked in a while, click here to visit! 


Questions or feedback always welcome –

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