Get Focused Week Three


November 14th to November 20th


Live Chat Recap

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*Early session did not get recorded

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Resources mentioned in the live chats:

Video lesson Strengthening Your Willpower – sometimes it’s more about biology than willpower. When you are physically cared for, you can better focus on the mental side.

Hallmark Movie Bingo Cards! Many places are sold out but members on the call told me you can order online and ship to store for free shipping. Great idea for dull, boring evenings! Play along with friends over text (and let them know you’re avoiding snacking while playing your fun game!)

It’s okay to adjust your goals or add days on!

Let’s be honest, things happen and goals were not quite right or we need more time to reach them. If this is you, instead of being hard on yourself, adjust your goal! Cut your goal in half! Rename it the 10 day challenge!

Better to adjust the goals and reach a modified version than to throw in the towel. The ‘days to add on’ section of the goal tracker is if you need more time to reach the goals.

Personal example: I will be adding on at least 2 Jazzercise classes at the end of the challenge because of catching a cold in week two.

Share your limiting beliefs!

If you are in a group – GO CHAT! Some groups are really thriving and others need more engagement from their members. If you signed up for a group, we need you to go chat!!! Share how things are going, what is tough and ask for new ideas.

Thank you for those sharing limiting beliefs, photos, victories, recipes and more on our Facebook page! If you haven’t checked in a while, click here to visit! 


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