The Truth About Carbs

The Truth About Carbs

It is so helpful to talk through they WHY behind things, especially when it comes to nutrition.

Let’s be honest about something for a moment. We live in a weight-centric, diet filled culture. Social media influencers and online health coaches may be flooding your newsfeed and the information can become overwhelming.


It is important to cut through the noise and really understand the impact food has on the body. Food is not evil and you are not bad for eating foods you like that someone told you not to eat!

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It is important to differentiate STARCHES and SWEETS with carbs.


Carbohydrates are a one of the three main nutrients the body needs for fuel. While we do want to balance how much carbohydrate the body uses for fuel, it can be more helpful to know which foods are overly rich in carbohydrates and which are a less ‘addictive’ form of carbohydrates.


Disclaimer: As always, refer back to your bariatric team! You may hear different things from me than you are hearing from them and I do not intend to be a source of confusion. Everyone has a different style and your dietitian is more informed about you and your needs than I am.

If you are not working with a bariatric team, email me and I will help find bariatric professionals licensed in your area.

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