Video #2 – Pantry Clean Out Challenge!

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BEFORE you do a massive overhaul of the kitchen and pantry, it’s super important to talk with anyone else living in your house!

No one likes to be surprised when it comes to food and certainly not if they are in for a rude awakening when the pantry has been given a facelift!

Almost as important as preparing the family for change, is to recruit their support in your journey. Even if they aren’t on board with making changes themselves, it’s essential to gain their help in making the house a safe space for you.

Here’s the food list I mention in the video –>Complete Food List.

Print this list before your family meeting and pass it around, asking everyone to chose what foods on the list they enjoy. This will help everyone to stay positive and realize there will still be plenty of food they enjoy in the house!

It’s not always the easiest topic, but we MUST start here! But keep watch for video #3 when the cleaning work gets underway :)

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