Video #3- Purge the Pantry!


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Welcome to the next phase of the Pantry Clean Out Challenge!!

It’s time to get to work and PURGE the pantry (and refrigerator).

Let’s TRASH it, donate it, give it away or keep it.

Make some measurements of your shelves and pick up some boxes for better organization as well as a way to keep things out of sight that you don’t want in sight!

Here’s a pro tip – brush your teeth before you get started to keep you from snacking!

Consider a SECOND refrigerator for the garage of the basement to keep things you don’t want in the main fridge…like soda.

Make your fridge a sacred space for your weight loss journey. This is your home turf…

For you to succeed in your health goals – you HAVE to have a safe home environment. This is your home turf. Do whatever you need to set yourself up for the best chance at success.

Turn on some music, get to work and have FUN! I’ll see you in the next video {in a few days} to help you rebuild your pantry with the best products!


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