Members Stories: A Few Days with LaChez

Steph Wagner

July 5, 2017

Members Stories: A Few Days with LaChez – Scroll down to read more about LaChez & see her transformation!

Members Stories Day in the Life LaChez | Bariatric Life | FoodCoach.Me

I am a creature of habit. So, most days this week, you will see an egg and turkey bacon in my food journal for Breakfast. This is my favorite and is a quick and easy go to for me. So, usually eat Jennie-O brand of turkey bacon but I recently came across Goodshall’s Uncured turkey bacon at Sam’s Club. I love it! It’s wider and one piece of the other brands I have tried and with one egg, it fills me up.

This breakfast has a total of 12g of proteins, 0g of carbs.

Salad is one of my favorite foods. I can literally put just about any type of protein on a salad and be completely satisfied! So, today I’m having lettuce with cucumbers and grape tomatoes. I tossed the salad in 1 tablespoon of Lighthouse Jalapeño Ranch Dressing. On top of the salad, I am having 4 ounces of low fat ground beef seasoned with Old El Paso low sodium taco seasoning. Finally, on top of that, I have 1 tablespoon of salsa.

I like spicy food but this is not too spicy since I can’t drink anything with my meal. This salad satisfies my taste for Mexican foods and is really easy to ask and take to work with me. I pack all elements separately, heat up the taco meat, and then put it all together. This is also very filling and I stay full all afternoon.

This salad has a total of 31g of protein and 3g carbs.

Dannon Light and Fit Fat Free Greek Yogurt in Chocolate Cherry flavor

I love, love, love the variety of flavor from Dannon! I eat one of these most every day. They are super yummy and make me feel like I’m getting a huge treat every day!

10g protein, 8g carbs

2 Tyson Tequila Lime chicken wings
1/2 tray of Green Giant Broccoli and Cheese

I have 4 kids who are all very active in sports. On the weekends I do a lot of food prep so that I can quickly put together my lunches to take to work and dinners on nights that we have practice or games. The tequila lime wings that I had tonight are great for a quick go to. They are fully cooked so all you need to do is stick them on the grill or in the oven for just a little while and you are all set! I put mine on the grill and they really do taste like I marinated them and spent time grilling them!

This meal has a total of 10g of protein and 5g of carbs

My total count today is 63g of protein and 16g of carbs.


Members Stories Day in the Life LaChez | Bariatric Life | FoodCoach.Me


I was running extremely late today and I had to just grab a protein bar on my way out of the house. I don’t like eating bars because they have a lot more carbs than I usually get in 1 day. I count true carbs, not net carbs. So, for my entire day yesterday, I ate 13g of carbs and today, for just breakfast, I’m having 20 carbs. However, I can be really careful the rest of the day and I’m going to have to work in a workout this evening…somewhere.

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