Mini Meal Plans

Mini Menu Plans are great for busy weeks. Instead of the full menu with 6 nights of meals, this menu provides 3 nights. I love these for weeks I’m going out of town or I double the portions for a “cook once, eat twice” kind of week.

Provides easy to follow recipes for lean meat and veggie dinners. Low in starches and fat.

Print off your grocery list, hit the store, and be ready for the week! Make all the means in one night OR take each night as it comes!

Chicken Skillet Mini Menu – FREE

Chicken Basil Queso with Tomatoes, Chicken Sausage with Bell Peppers & Quick Chicken Spinach Skillet
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4 Slow Cooker Meals Menu

 Pork with Apples, Pumpkin Chili, Simple Beef Stew and Tex-Mex Chicken – FREE
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