New Meal Plan for Members!

Steph Wagner

May 9, 2017

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Ask and you shall receive!

After a recent survey sent to current FoodCoachMe members, it became evident that Menu Plans that are pre-written by, ahem, yours truly…are a really helpful resource. THANK YOU for your feedback and know that I’m always listening and that I take your requests seriously! I have made a plan for releasing pre-written menus on a more consistent schedule! The meal planner will still be available in the user Dashboard for your use should you prefer to make your own menus!

With that said, here is a new hot off the press (I mean, off my iMac) menu plan that includes all meals and snacks. Here is a preview into this meal plan:

(Members, make sure you are signed in and head over to the ‘downloads’ page for this meal plan entitled FULL MEAL PLAN F as well as all the meal plans posted on the site. You can also find this page by clicking on “downloads” on the members dashboard. Bookmark that page to your computer for a shortcut!


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2 thoughts on “New Meal Plan for Members!”

  1. Are these available to change the serving sizes? I have a family of 4 boys and need much more that these servings.

  2. @beccaneal22211 I can only imagine how much a family of 4 boys would need! The pre-written meal plans are not necessarily customizable but you could double and make those adjustments as you needed. The customizable meal planner tool within FoodCoach.Me DOES allow you to increase the surviving sizes and will adjust the shopping list accordingly. I hope that helps!

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