*New* Swerve Sweetener Product Review – Video!

Steph Wagner

April 30, 2014

After my friend Crystal brought me a bag of Swerve: The Ultimate Sugar Replacement to try I decided it was only fair to share my thoughts with her…and everyone!

Swerve has some pretty sweet benefits. Zero Calorie. Non-Glycemic. Natural. Diabetic Friendly. Easy to Digest. Non-GMO. Gluten Free. Measures Like Sugar.

Cool! Sounded like something to try. My experience with hot coffee was awesome. My experience with iced coffee…not as awesome. It was gritty. BUT I created a solution. Watch the video below to find out what I did!

Link to Order Swerve (aff. link): Swerve Sweetener, 16oz [1lb]



4 thoughts on “*New* Swerve Sweetener Product Review – Video!”

  1. Personal opinion – I never liked to taste of Stevia or Truvia. I felt they were bitter. This is a great alternative for those who don’t love the other natural sweeteners out there. Much more subtle taste, just a touch of sweet.

    Nutritional opinion- I see them all as the same. Natural non-nutritive sweeteners :)

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