No Cook WLS Meal Ideas – Infographic

Steph Wagner

April 17, 2018

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No Cook WLS Meal Ideas – Infographic


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7 thoughts on “No Cook WLS Meal Ideas – Infographic”

  1. I like the ideas for meals without mayo, vinegar or dressings. Because of allergies and Gout, I must avoid those. Also fish, except for salmon and tuna.

  2. I’d like to know how to cook and eat better since I had a gastric sleeve procedure and I’m interested in eating and preparing.

  3. @Martha Herrera That’s wonderful! The recipes I post on FoodCoachMe are bariatric surgery focused and meant to be beginner level. I recommend looking over the recipes and just start trying! Take notes on what went well and what didn’t!

  4. @Megan Skinner thanks so much for letting me know! The link should be fixed now.

  5. I am 7 weeks out, from having gastric by-pass. I am trying to learn new ways to eat. Currently I drink a premier shake in the morning, then have a Greek low-fat yogurt high in protein for lunch, dinner usually is a meat, or chicken with green beans. Am I doing this right?

  6. @Jade congratulations on your surgery! If you were my patient I would encourage you to a more solid breakfast and lunch for longer fullness. Not all patients feel hungry in the early months after surgery but as hunger comes back liquids or soft proteins (like Greek yogurt) leave the stomach much faster. Follow your programs guidelines but that would be my input!

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