Our Big Break: Christian Mingle Commercial Stars

Steph Wagner

November 20, 2013

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Have you ever wondered if the people on Christian Mingle commercials were real? Yep…you definitely aren’t alone. As I’ve told friends and family that Mr W and I were going to be filmed for a commercial, the common response was: I never knew if those people were real!

Mr. W and I met online through Christian Mingle last summer. I had signed up on the fly one day and 2 weeks later was on the phone for 5 hours with some red head who made me laugh really hard. 4 months later he asked me to become his Mrs :) A lot changes in life in a short amount of time!

We submitted our success story to the website to let them know what a blessing their service was. I had lived a mile away from the man I was to live the rest of my earthly life with, and am convinced I would never have met him otherwise. Oh sure, we added in the fact that we almost died and couldn’t imagine going through such a tragic event without the other one. 

We were sent a congratulations card and picture frame from Christian Mingle and thought that was that. We often forget how we met, and when we remember we laugh thinking about our first emails and looking through pictures online. The farther you get away from it, the funnier it is to remember!

A few months later CM asked us to submit some photos and we were soon seeing our pictures on banners on top of CNN.com and Facebook. Pretty fun to see your engagement picture on major websites :) A few more months went by and we were asked to submit a video to be selected for a commercial. A couple weeks later we were on a plan to Los Angeles!

We had a blast being stars for a moment in time. We were made camera ready and the room stood still for us as we had a chance to tell the story of how God used their website to change the course of our lives for the better. I’ve become a big advocate for trying out something like Christian Mingle…obviously. So talking about how others should try it for themselves seemed to come pretty easily :-)

So what you really want to know is…when will it air? I will share as much as I know, when I know it. I will tell you they filmed some Christmas lines from us (which make us giggle…) and we could possibly be seeing those in a few weeks. It’s hard to know for sure what time and what channel a commercial will come on, but be on the lookout and let me know if you see us!

6 thoughts on “Our Big Break: Christian Mingle Commercial Stars”

  1. This is so neat!!! Do you think you will be able to post a link here so we could see it? I do not have a TV so your place would be the only place I would be able to see it. And I would love to!!!
    Thank you!

  2. That is so awesome Steph. Jennifer and I have all our old emails and such too, I love somedays just to go back and read them! We have now been together just over 5 years…we met at work and when things became more serious, Jennifer left OSU-OKC and went to work at OCU and that too was a great thing for her! We love to read your blogs and just love this story! Tony

  3. I, like Bonnie Short, do not have TV. I am chomping at the bit to see it, and show and tell with my friends, students, and family. But with no TV, how will I be able to do this? Sad.

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