Our Wedding Video!

Steph Wagner

May 19, 2013

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You may have gotten the peak into our wedding pictures a couple weeks ago. I am SO excited to get to share our 10 minute Cinematic Wedding Video! Eran and Aubs are videographers in Kansas City and I am just plain crazy about their work! They did an amazing job capturing our day.

The night of our rehearsal dinner, Kevin and I shared “10 I love you because…” statements. (We were given this assignment in marriage class, but forgot about it and tried to throw it together quickly. Then I made the mistake of putting a super emotional one as #4…cried…and couldn’t get through the next 6.) So we made our redemption at the rehearsal dinner, and Eran and Aubs were there to catch it! Enjoy!!!


Kevin + Stephanie = Married // Kansas City Wedding Videographer from Eran + Aubs on Vimeo.



7 thoughts on “Our Wedding Video!”

  1. What a true blessing, you guys are a testament of Gods Love and survival! So happy for you both and may your life be filled with all The Lord has to offer. Sincerely, Vicki

  2. Hi Stephanie! I was thinking about you today and decided to get onto your website to read about your food blog. What I was blessed to find was this precious precious weeding video. It lifted my spirits, made me cry, and gave me a little snapshot of the amazing girl that you are. Thank you for sharing that magical day with others. I look forward to getting to know you and excited beyond measure you ended up with us at INTEGRIS! :)

    Talk to you soon!

  3. What an awesome day for you! I am so thankful you shared this wonderful time with us.

  4. I finally had a chance to watch your wedding video and was blown away! Absolutely beautiful and inspiring! And yes, it made me cry :-) Wishing you many blessed years together! Andrea

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