What to Pack for Summer Travel

Steph Wagner

June 4, 2014

Will you be traveling this summer? Be sure to plan ahead and add these items to your packing list! It can make your whole trip even better :)

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Video Transcript:

Are you traveling this summer? How do you plan ahead for heathy eating when you’re out of town or Even out of the country??

These are the questions I get every year at this time.

Ireland, Mexico, Haiti, California, the Lake and it goes on and on.

Vacations are the best and while I do believe it’s a time to enjoy and let loose, I do think it’s a great idea to pack a variety of good snacks options as well.

Think about it. Meal times when you are out of town are way off. You may be eating lunch at 4pm. Its also likely you’ve been walking around

all day and are super tired. If you are super tired, and you’ve gone a long time without eating…what does that sound like? To me it sounds like a massive

meal and likely not a good choice. Then you feel crummy and you don’t enjoy yourself nearly as well as if you had planned ahead for a better day

of eating. On the flip side, if you do have protein bars or lean beef jerky packed with you, you’re energy is better controlled, your hunger

is better controlled and you end up making great choices at meals as well. AND your portion sizes are more reasonable.

So to have a great trip I recommended packing the following items:

– #1 your favorite water bottle. staying hydrated is super important especially in the summertime and if you are traveling by air, it’s super dehydrating on your body. you can get an empty reusable water bottle through airport security and then fill it up with water once you’ve made it through. plus you save a ton of money not buying bottles of water!

– #2 protein bars that don’t melt. the brand i’ve found most likely to not melt and become a big mess are Quest bars. They are more pricey bars but so worth it when traveling. they are available online (and i’ll link below to order) as well as at GNC. about 14 flavors and not coated in chocolate so they hold up nicely.

– #3 lean beef jerky. not the stick kind that is higher in fat, unless it’s ostrich jerky (which is delicious and i will also link) but a lean flat beef jerky is a great traveling snack

because it’s not bulky and doesn’t melt but does have a high protein content to fill you up.

adding some of these items to your packing list will be well worth the work. they don’t take up much room and they will make sure your trip is an absolute blast.

One thought on “What to Pack for Summer Travel”

  1. These are great tips. I even make sure that I’m only going for a day trip that I have at least a protein bar or some jerky with me. Of course, I have to bring my water. I’m picky about the “taste” of water. I am used to very good water from my city. So although I may fill up my water bottle, a lot of times I do go ahead and buy bottled water.

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