PaleoFit Meals Clean Jerky

Steph Wagner

June 24, 2013

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Beef jerky is one of my very favorite go-to snacks. But especially in the summertime. Mainly, because it doesn’t melt and I can keep it with me.

Also, because I cram too many errands in during the summer months and need an on-the-go snack.

Friends of ours in Kansas City have a wonderful company called PaleoFit Meals. If you’re unfamiliar with the Paleo diet, read their info page. My personal diet and the way I recommend to my clients has a lot of similarities to a Paleo lifestyle.

One of the current offerings of PaleoFit Meals is their Clean Jerky snacks. USDA approved all natural grass-fed beef from the Midwest. And bonus! It contains no sugar, gluten or soy. High in protein and friendly to my weight-loss surgery friends.


Aside from awesome nutritional value and no goofy additives…me and the hubs are big fan of the flavor. As we brainstormed how we would be describe our tasty jerky (with full mouths I might add) we decided upon the following: Full flavored, slightly smokey with a bit of spice. And the texture? Not overly tough which is totes my style and conveniently cut into ~0.3oz strips (10 in a bag) for easy portioning….slash slows me down to not eat the whole thing.

AND! Super exciting news. Our friends at PaleoFit Meals have offered a 10% off discount when you enter foodcoachme at the time of checkout!! Whaat whaaat??? 

For residents in the Kansas City area, PaleoFit Meals offers awesome ready-to-eat meals! Be sure to check out their menu here. For those of us outside the area, we are told to stay on the lookout for meals to start shipping! Don’t worry…I will keep you up to date.

Be sure to leave a comment below about why you love beef jerky and enter to win a free bag of Clean Jerky!

6 thoughts on “PaleoFit Meals Clean Jerky”

  1. Yes to jerky!! I’m allergic to all meats except for beef so I would love to try this!

  2. I work as a funeral director/embalmer so there are many days I don’t get to eat a nice sit-down lunch as I should. Beef jerky is my go to when that happens so I would love to try this!

  3. I heard about this on FB and it looks like an almost-perfect eating plan for me to follow–easy, too. Very good for diabetics and gluten-intolerant people. Please keep us posted. And does the beef jerky really not taste like cow-burps?

  4. What?! Ahhh! Of all the food allergies I have heard of, I’ve never heard meats except beef! This is definitely perfect for you!

  5. I’m a big fan of Paleo, very similar to our approach. I have no idea what a cow burp taste like Belinda! Hahaha! Just kidding, but they really are tasty!

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