Pantry Challenge: Getting Family on Board

Steph Wagner

December 28, 2021

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Getting the Family on Board


pantry clean out challenge bariatric food coach

Pantry Clean Out Challenge 2021


If you live with other people, prepare them before you purge!


Note: this recording is from prior to 2020 when Bariatric Food Coach was FoodCoach.Me!!


Click here to watch the first video in the Pantry Clean Out Series


It is no simple feat, to get the family on board.

Every family is different and so is each individual within the family! How do you make your home turf ideal for your success without upsetting everyone else?

Todays challenge is not to purge it all…yet. First, have a family talk! Work together as a team to talk about what works best for each of you under the same roof.

You may be surprised with the ideas they may bring to the table. There just might be a new strategy you are all willing to try.

Feel empowered before you get going throwing out the clutter and that your family has your back (or at least has compromised with putting temptations somewhere hidden).

Next, we will have the purge party!!


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  1. I believe I heard in the video that there should be a link to a pantry list in this post. I’m not finding it. Can you please point me in the right direction? Thank you!

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