Part One Food Addiction Series: The Two Major Systems in Our Body

Steph Wagner

July 16, 2014

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Video Transcript: Hi! It’s Steph Wagner, Bariatric Dietitian on with part one of the food addiction series. I recently attended a seminar on this topic and I’ve been working on wrapping my mind around to take this information and deliver to you in a way we can apply it. it’s important to know how our bodies operate so we can address it’s basic needs and have better success in take control over our food choices. Last week I asked if you preferred a video blog or a written blog. What I’ve decided to do is a video blog including slides. The transcript will also be available for you to read the information. I’d love to hear from you what you think of this format. My intuition is to keep the videos quick and applicable. Let’s get going on Part One: Major Systems that Influence Food Intake. Two Major Systems in Our Bodies

    • Homestatic System


  • Survival System: It’s time to feed me! It’s time for water! I need sleep…must stop…zzzz



    • Hedonic System – The Pleasure System


  • This system draws us to things that make us feel good.



  • Taste, Smell, Mouthfeel, Gut factors =all these things working together gives us full on sensory overload and happiness :)



Interactions between the two systems

    • Homestatic (survival) system senses our availability of fuel


  • Depending on our homestatic state, our hedonic (pleasure) state will be influenced



  • Example: going too long without eating.



  • Survival system- need food, need food.



  • Pleasure system – intensified for high pleasure food



Normally the two systems work together

    • However, pleasureable food can be so powerful it can override homeostatic signals


  • Example: I can eat dessert even if I’m stuffed from dinner



The Good News

    • We can re-wire our cognition to have control over the pleasure system


  • We’ll go in depth in Part 3



  • The key is to maintain homeostasis (balance…)



Take Care of Yourself!

    • The secret to staying in balance (homeostasis)


  • Eat well, eat often



  • Sleep well, consistently



  • Stay hydrated



  • Fulfilling basic body/survival needs will keep you in better control of your pleasure system



Utilize phone apps that track your water, your sleep and your food. whichever one you may need more help with. I will list a few apps I enjoy below this video on the foodcoachme blog. Join me next week when we discuss “The hormone that can take out all other hormones” I’d love to your guesses on what that might be.

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