Roadmap to Bariatric Shopping at Trader Joe’s

Steph Wagner

September 13, 2021

Roadmap to Bariatric Shopping at Trader Joe’s

roadmap to bariatric shopping at trader joes

Affordable, easy and healthy options for post-op bariatric patients


If you Trader Joe’s, you already know

Trader Joe’s is full of both super tempting and creative snacksĀ and really healthy, creative and affordable meal ideas. A bariatric surgery patient needs a good roadmap BEFORE going into Trader Joe’s to get the best items and avoid the trigger foods.

It seems Trader Joe’s is either readily available to you, or something you feel completely left out on. For years Trader Joe’s was not in my area. My first encounter shopping at one was in California. In fact, when I had another trip to California planned years later, I made sure we stayed near a Trader Joe’s!

Since then more states in my region have been braced with the TJ presence. We now have two within driving distance of my home! While it is not my most conveniently located grocery store, I do love when I have the time to go out and stock up, especially on their freezer section items.


trader joes chicken and cauliflower stir fry bariatric shopping guide


Trader Joe’s Bariatric Items in the Freezer Section

While there are many things to love about Trader Joe’s (the Greek yogurt based dips, the pre-marinated flavors of chicken and beef) the freezer section is probably my favorite.

Take for example the photo above. With just these two bags, I can create a healthy and flavorful hot dinner in minutes with one skillet. The chicken is flavorful and pre-cooked, but not so flavorful that you can’t use it in different types of dishes. You just add it with a little water to a hot skillet until it’s warmed through.

The riced cauliflower stir fry has a few ingredients I wouldn’t normally use (green peans, corn) but the overall carbohydrate content is very reasonable per serving and when paired with protein it makes it a balanced meal with lean meats and veggies!


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roadmap to bariatric shopping at trader joes

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