Dinner Menus & Recipes

Hey Steph! I loved the recipes! So handy, didn’t have to even think about it! Great work!! – Julie W.

The menus were wonderful. Not only did the recipes taste great but the grocery list was easy to use and budget friendly. Over all I loved it. Keep up the good work. -Mary A.

Hey Steph…I made your blue cheese mini meatloafs last night and they were great! My stepson said they were amazing lol! Thanks for always sharing! -Kari R.

I made your Moroccan Chicken tonight for dinner and it was a HIT! I was nervous about how “different” it sounded, and also nervous about cooking with the broiler for the first time ever, but it was GREAT! Thanks for the great recipes, Steph! – Melissa S.

I tried 4 of six recipes from week one – loved having great choices, shopped food list and groceries in house and no old put-togethers or pizza last minute. I’m sold. Thank you! -Maureen K.


Food Coaching

“I have led a life of dreaded calorie counting with constant yo yo weight gain/loss. It wasn’t until Steph and her Foodcoach.me website that I realized there was a better way! I love the recipes, the encouragement she offers, and the fact that she’s a real person just living a healthy life. She makes it possible to do so even with a chaotic and busy lifestyle because her recipes are so easy and week night friendly. My husband and I are a fan of her page because she makes weight loss attainable and practical. I ran my first half marathon in April and I am down 20 pounds since February. I have never felt better. My husband and I both love the way we eat and it’s possible because of Steph.” -Tara K.

“With all the changes that come with having weight loss surgery, it is a great comfort to know that I have an experienced and creative person in my corner. I know that I can email Stephanie and get a quick reply. She isn’t afraid to tell me ‘NO’ but she will also supply me with an alternative plan. And her recipes are delicious and easy to follow. Stephanie has been the BEST part of my weight loss process. You know… besides the whole losing weight part.” -Katie O.

“Every once in a great while, you get the chance to meet someone who is truly in love with what they do – a person who engages with their work in such a purposeful way that they inspire you to be better at whatever it is you do. Steph Moore is such a person. She combines extensive experience with boundless creativity and blends that with unlimited passion plus a dash of positivity; then she slowly bakes that with patience, love and understanding. The result is a recipe for our success. Whether you are a weight loss surgery patient like myself, or just trying to become healthier, you can’t go wrong with Steph. If you need proof, Just ask my scale (93lbs down) or my wife’s (30 lbs down).” -Kevin L.

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