Super Fast Skinny Mocha

Steph Wagner

November 6, 2014

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You know when you just stumble upon something amazing??

You accidentally created something so delicious you want to tell everyone about it??

This is where I’m at with my latest mocha creation. I made it one afternoon for a little treat and now have to limit myself….

The secret ingredient here is a Dark Chocolate Pudding/Shake Protein Mix that I buy in my bariatric clinic. Your bariatric clinic may carry it, but if not, here is a link to order online (aff link): Protein Diet Puddings

 Here’s my routine for Mocha Time: 

1. I make the Dark Chocolate Shake and drink it for an afternoon snack when I know it’s going to be a while for dinner and need a little something. 

2. I leave a little bit left in the cup…maybe enough that the cup is “coated” with dark chocolate shake and a little bit left in the bottom.

3. I brew 6 oz of decaf coffee using my Kuerig into the cup..and stir until the dark chocolate shake has dissolved into the coffee.

4. I add a splash of French Vanilla Creamer and stir.

5. I go tell everyone how good my Mocha creation is :) 

I don’t feel bad about this creation because – it’s a very small splash of creamer and what’s left of a high protein, low carb shake. I use decaf coffee (I drink caffeine in the morning but not in the afternoon) and I am full and satisfied because I had the shake too. I do limit myself for one simple reason – I don’t want to run out of Dark Chocolate Pudding/Shake Packets! :)

One thought on “Super Fast Skinny Mocha”

  1. This is also great with a squirt of sugar free Starbucks peppermint syrup. I love that i found out you can purchase their syrups because they are handy to mix with drinks, greek yogurt, etc.

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