The 1st Bite – When Your Liquid Diet is Finally OVER

Steph Wagner

July 20, 2015

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The First Bite...When Your Bariatric Liquid Diet is Over!

While every Bariatric program has patients progress their healing diet differently, chances are many weight-loss surgery patients will have a liquid diet at some point on their journey.

In my clinic, and the clinics I’ve worked with in the past, patients must stick to a liquid diet for their first 2 weeks after Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass Surgery. Why? Strictly for healing purposes. It’s best to keep stress as minimal as possible on an inflamed and newly operated on stomach. Our patients can have as many hydrating fluids and protein shakes as they need (in fact, we urge at least 64-96 oz of hydrating fluids!)

It’s only natural that during this phase of the diet, many patients dream of the first bite they will take when the liquid portion of the diet is over.

Of course, they’re dreaming of things they are recommended to eat. For most patients, sticking to the foods they need to pick from on the soft food diet isn’t a problem….…

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