Tornado Relief Donations

If you’ve been following the Oklahoma Tornadoes- your heart is heavy and broken. We feel so helpless and outside of prayers just don’t know what to do.

From the bottom of my heart- thank you to everyone who has checked on my family in Oklahoma. I have received many, many emails, texts and phone calls asking what they can do.

Right now we’ve been told money is the best way to give. Next to that, is the following list of items:

Items needed: 
– Bottled water
– Gatorade
– Wipes
– Diapers
– Baby formula
– Hand towels
– Individually wrapped snacks
– Work gloves

They are not receiving clothing at this time.

For this week I will be collecting donations to deliver on Friday afternoon to the Salvation Army. You can always donate directly to the Salvation Army.

I have been asked how out-of-towners can donate specific items. You can click the donate link below to submit money to my PayPal account and I will be purchasing and delivering supplies. If you have a desire for items in particular, send me an email at and let me know what you’d like purchased on your behalf.

Thank you for your desire to reach out in anyway. I know my heart is heavy and wanting to know what I can do. Even 20 minutes away, there is little to be done at this time…though plenty to be done soon. All my love and prayers from Oklahoma.




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