What People Are Saying About Premier Access Membership

Steph Wagner

July 6, 2015

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This past month has been such a blessing to me. When I first created an online food blog for my bariatric patients, I never thought of it becoming anything other than a little fun side project for me.

It all started because I felt like my visits weren’t sufficient in giving as much helpful information as I could to my patients. Or…to be brutally honest…I sometimes worry if a patient sees what worth dietitian appointments are and if they will ever come back again after their surgery. I wanted to both PROVE to them I had information they needed to hear as well as be an encourager that what I was suggesting they change in their diet WAS, in fact, possible.

Then I started hearing really sweet feedback. So many “thank yous!” and “I needed this!” and “I lost more weight this month than I have any other month since I found your website!” and then I just plain couldn’t stop. I needed to make more videos. I needed to answer more questions. I needed to try new recipes. I needed to inform my followers of what new products were out there!!!

And when it started becoming a part-time job for me to keep up with the website, I had to get creative on how to keep it going. Last month I launched the “Premier Access Membership” feature which includes meal plans, an eating out guide, a huge library of videos and extra content above and beyond my usual postings.

I’m beyond excited to report the feedback has been truly wonderful. I’m reminded, once again, why I do this. I love it more everyday.

So what ARE people saying after their first month of being Premier Access Members? Well here are  few excerpts from emails and Facebook posts that have been such a gift for me to receive:

What people are saying about Premier (1)


As I open up the Premier Access Membership to 50 more people, I am excited and hopeful for more weight-loss surgery patients to see big successes in their life. From the big things (I can cross my legs!!!!) to the smaller moments (I didn’t drink with my dinner!!) I am so humbled and excited to a part of this journey with others, even over the internet.

Starting today (July 6th, 2015) fifty more spots are opened and will be first come, first serve. This helps me to work more closely with patients as they sign up and get acclimated to what the website can offer for them.

Thank you for following FoodCoachMe and all my best in your journey to health! – Steph :)

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