WLS Video – What to Bring to a Summer Cookout

Steph Wagner

July 1, 2015

What to Bring to for a Healthy Summer Cookout


(Recipe featured above is Premier Access Recipe “Teriyaki Chicken Kebabs“)

If you’ve had (or are going to have) Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass Surgery, it is SO important to plan ahead for big celebrations such as a 4th of July Cookout. Watch the video for ideas of what to bring to ensure you have a healthy meal…as well as a great time! (Recipes featured included Jalapeño Deviled Eggs, Tex Mex Burger Patties, Jalapeño Cheddar Burgers). Also checkout this fun 4th of July Parfait!


Video Transcript:

Script – What to Bring to Summer Cookouts after Weight Loss Surgery

Hi it’s Steph Wagner, Bariatric Dietitian on FoodCoach.Me

The time of year has come! It’s cookout season and with the 4th of July this weekend, you’re likely getting your menu ready for your celebration. I’ve already had one major family cookout this year and the food spread was just over the top!

For events like these, it’s so important to go in with a plan. Without a plan, your plate will quickly look as it always has and what’s that saying…do what you always do and expect the same results, right??! So if your looking for a healthy lifestyle change that lasts, these are the moments you have to plan ahead for.

My best suggestion is to bring a few dishes of your own to share. Bring something you know you can have so you aren’t left without options and eating things you shouldn’t. So let’s look around and see what dishes you might want to bring to your upcoming summer cookouts.

I’m going to start off with a personal favorite – deviled eggs! Make them the classic way or with a spin like Caesar Deviled Eggs. Packed with protein and flavor, in my experience guests are really excited when I walk in the door with these. Make sure to serve them on a platter with a cooling tray underneath or even on a plate sitting on top of a bowl of ice. Don’t let them sit out all day – pull them out right before it’s time to eat and put them away when meal time is dying down.

Next up, don’t be afraid to bring your own meat for the grill. Make some really fun burgers with lots of flavor mixed in the patty and you won’t miss the bun when everyone around you is eating the traditional style burgers. Try these tex-mex burgers or Jalapeño Cheddar burger. It’s easy to look past other foods when your own plate is so exciting! If you have a sprouts in your area they have great flavors of turkey sausage at their meat counter that is very easy to pickup before the party so you can throw something fun on the grill.

I’d also highly consider some carrots chips with a fun veggie dip you toss together with 2 easy ingredients. Plain Greek yogurt and a good sprinkle of Ranch seasoning. Bringing a veggie platter with your favorite veggies plus a dip that you’ve made and you know is a good choice for you will be such a relief when everyone is munching. If you walk away from the cookout and you’ve had an awesome tex-mex burger patty, deviled eggs and some veggies with yummy dip…you won’t feel that you’ve been deprived!

Oh, and one last thing…bring a fun drink for yourself. Whether it’s your favorite PowerAde Zero or Crystal Light or you brewed some decaf tea and mixed it with sugar-free lemonade for a sugar-free arnold palmer…you’ll be so glad you have something fun to sip on when everyone is hanging out in the summer air.

Enjoy your party, whatever you may be doing and remember the most important thing is the people you are with! Thanks for watching, I’m Steph Wagner reminding you to chose better food for a better life.

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