What is the Bariatric Food Coach membership?

The paid subscription allows access to all the 500+ recipes on the site, all cooking videos and video courses, all the pre-written meal plans, PDF guides, optional accountability group on Baritastic and our closed Facebook group. Members also have access to me for food journal feedback.

I am available to correspond with you over email, but do read my disclaimer below:

Always refer to your surgery program – I am here for encouragement and support and while I am a Registered Dietitian specializing in Bariatric Surgery, I cannot give medical advice over the internet. 

How can I change my payment method for my subscription?

At this time all payment information is completed through PayPal or Stripe. No credit card information is stored in our site. For more help email support@bariatricfoodcoach.com

To change the payment method, go to My Account > Subscriptions > View > Change Payment


How can I re-instate my membership?

Go to the Sign Up page and add the subscription to your cart. When you are asked to fill out information about yourself, you will see an option to “log in if returning customer” which will take you into your previous account. You can then update payment preferences. Contact us for more help: support@bariatricfoodcoach.com

Who do I contact with issues regarding my subscription?

Email  support@bariatricfoodcoach.com

How do I reset my password?

Go to the Sign In page in the dropdown menu. Click “Lost Password” and an email with prompts should be sent.  If you do not receive an email to reset your password, email support@bariatricfoodcoach.com

How can I cancel my account?

Make sure you are logged in to your Bariatric Food Coach account. Click here to access your account info (can also be found on the Dashboard). Click Subscriptions > View (next to order number) > Cancel

What’s included in a meal plan? Where can they be found?

Meal plans vary. A “full meal plan” includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and one snack. A “Dinner Menu” includes dinners only for 5 nights. A “Mini” meal plan includes dinner for 3 nights.

All meal plans include a grocery list and the recipes. Meal plans are available on the meal plans page (also under the “my account” drop down menu) 



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