Drumroll Please…

Steph Wagner

February 27, 2020

The big announcement!



FoodCoachMe is now Bariatric Food Coach! Same great site with a new name


New name to keep the focus strong

As this new name and branding is released we are in the middle of our Get Focused 2020 Challenge. That is why I feel this name change needed to happen.

As a dietitian with a focus and passion for weight loss surgery patients I wanted the name to reflect this! This website is about post-op patients coming for practical nutrition guidance and support. This is what good coaches do.

Bariatric Food Coach Icon Tomato

What makes a good coach?

A good coach can be instrumental in someone’s life. We have statistics about the impact a sports coach has in the life of a youth. When professional sports teams go to hire a new coach, it’s a serious decision.

But coaches aren’t the ones on the court. The players have to get out there and do the work. The coach is there to guide, instruct, encourage and support. Whether the player is tired, frustrated, excited or even hurt the coach is the one they look to.

Bariatric Food Coach Icon Broccoli

Why food coaching?

Patients who have a weight loss surgery are not on their first diet rodeo. They have done this song and dance before. In some ways this is helpful because they know what it is to clear out their pantry, to make changes and to make the plan a priority.

In other ways it makes things that much more complicated. Which diet plan is best? Does the same rules apply after bariatric surgery?

Food coaching is more than just nutrition education and a list of do’s and don’ts. If only it were that simple! Living a healthy lifestyle after surgery is complicated and multi-faceted. When is hunger related to biology and when is it related to emotion? Can you be changing small habits to have better hunger control?

A food coach isn’t the on one the court. It’s the one encouraging, supporting, directing you as you play it out in your daily life.

Bariatric Food Coach has a better fit and will replace the former name of FoodCoachMe.

Bariatric Food Coach Icon Lemon

What that means for you

Now, when you visit www.foodcoach.me you will be taken to www.bariatricfoodcoach.com.

Same dietitian (me, Steph!) same awesome membership offerings and online community. Same connection on Baritastic if you’re a member. Nothing changes, just better focus on what we are all doing here.

You can now email me at steph@bariatricfoodcoach.com and contact the support team at support@bariatricfoodcoach.com

The former emails will still get to us but this is the new contact information.

It will take time for the changes to reflect the new name, colors and logo. You’ll notice the Facebook group, Pinterest page, emails and so forth have the new name. It’s an exciting change!

Here is to the next chapter. Welcome to Bariatric Food Coach!


9 thoughts on “Drumroll Please…”

  1. Congratulations Steph on a big step forward for your business and your clients. Very exciting times! Best wishes for future success as Bariatric Food Coach.

  2. Good for you!!! Embracing your passion and what you do best! Thank you for your work and support!

  3. I love the new name! It is more descriptive of your role. Nice job and thank you for your knowledge, encouragement and investment in my health.

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