Bariatric Product Review: Everly

Steph Wagner

November 26, 2017

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Everly | Bariatric Surgery Product Review


Product Name:  Everly Natural Drink Mix

Where it was purchased: This product was provided to me from Everly but can be purchased on their website. Use the coupon code foodcoach10 for 10% off!

Cost: $12.50 for pouch of 30 servings (get a free pouch when you refer a friend and they place an order)

Nutrition Information:

Everly | Bariatric Surgery Product Review Everly | Bariatric Surgery Product Review

» Natural Drink Mix

» No Sugar (sweetened with Stevia)

» Gluten Free

0 calories, 0 fat, 0 sugar. Package will list 2 grams carbohydrate but those are from the Stevia and not calorie containing thus making it zero calories.

How it might be used:

A great way to flavor your basic water without aspartame or other artificial sweeteners most powdered drink flavorings contain.


The first thing to note is the mission of this company.

For every pouch of Everly sold, we distribute a treatment of life-saving rehydration salts

I’ve always loved a business with a deeper purpose. They not only have a great product but a beautiful vision of sending rehydration salts to mothers in Zambia. You can read more about it on their website.  **On “Giving Tuesday” (Tuesday, November 28th) Everly is doubling their giving model which means every pouch purchased the company will send 2 treatments of life saving rehydration salts. Remember the code FoodCoach10 to get 10% off! 

I have to say…the packaging is so nice. I was very impressed when I opened the box to a beautiful glass bottle and two high quality pouches. A tiny scoop was included which is the recommended amount of powder. I love you can also take the pouch on the go and add the powder to your taste preference. I was sent Peach Mango and Pomegranate Berry.

I found the taste to be refreshingly not too sweet. It’s sweetened slightly but I actually like the slight tartness to the Pomegranate Berry! It was a great flavor change from plain water but much more subdued in sweetness which I appreciate compared to many other water flavorings.

I would recommend this product to patients who struggle to get their water in but don’t love really sweet water flavorings. If you are avoiding artificial sweeteners this a great product for you! Reach your water goals much more easily with an all natural water flavoring…plus the pretty bottle helps :)

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