10 thoughts on “Bruschetta Baked Pork Chops – Bariatric Recipe”

  1. In #2 It mentions to score top of pork chops so breadcrumbs can adhere well – however the list of ingredient doesn’t list breadcrumbs – which I didn’t think we normally use after weight loss surgery – ??

  2. Oh yes! Great catch and so sorry. By breadcrumbs I am meaning the parmesan cheese. I will update the error! Correct…don’t use breadcrumbs!!!

  3. I’m not the cook in my house but I cooked this the other night for my husband and I and he loved it! it was super easy and one of our favorites!

  4. Yay! I love hearing such a great report! So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for sharing! :)

  5. So…. I really don’t like cooking in the over during the summer because of the heat – could you cook this in a toaster oven? Or maybe on the grill? This sounds delicious and easy enough that I could cook it!

  6. I’ve never cooked meat in the toaster oven, so you may know more than I do there! The grill may work but not sure that you’d want to make the parmesan breading as it may make a mess on your grill. You could try putting foil on your grill, poking a few holes and making it with the parmesan but having a barrier to protect from mess?? I use my stoneware from Pampered Chef to microwave a lot of my meals in the summer too. Let me know what you try!

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