5 thoughts on “Chicken Or The Egg Salad”

  1. If I needed to use canned chicken, approximately how much would I use for the full recipe (6 servings)? Thank you

  2. Great question! Rotisserie chickens can differ but ‘they say’ they average 4 cups of cooked chicken. I would look at the can of canned chicken and see how many you need for 4 cups.

  3. I am unable to find fat-free mayo at any of my local grocery stores any when I look online I am not seeing any options either. Only one that I did see that had a fat fee was Kraft and Kraft discontinued making there Fat free version in 2021. It looks like there is fat free Miracle Whip but that is not the same as mayonnaise to me. Any suggestions for other brands that I might find or an update to the recipe?

  4. You can just use a light mayo! Thanks so much for letting me know. With food availability changing I can’t keep up with what isn’t being found easily, so I appreciate the information. We have to adapt as we can! Sometimes I do half regular mayo and half plain Greek yogurt too.

  5. This is absolutely one of my most favorite recipes from your website! I make it in batches for lunches about every other week. I use low-fat mayo, I swap dill relish for sweet, and I throw in chives. MMMMMMMM! Thanks, Steph!

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