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  1. I am looking for someone to create a specialized diet for me. I have a long list of foods that I cannot eat, after having gastric bypass surgery 18 years ago. While I’ve kept he majority of the weight I lost off, I suffer from flatulence after eating most foods that is embarrassing and limits my activities. Can you help?

  2. Hi Mavis!
    Thanks for your comment and I’m certainly sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve had! I’m afraid I don’t have the capacity right now for individual sessions creating specialized diets. You may consider a GI specialist if you haven’t already? Wishing you the best and congratulations maintaining your weight loss!

  3. Dear Stephanie, Trish suggested I contact you. After several GI tests its probable I have bile acid malabsorption. Can you suggest a diet?
    Thanks for your reply, Ginny

  4. @Ginny thanks for the message! To be honest, I’m not familiar as it’s not my area of expertise so I would be hesitant to make any recommendations for you. You may try search for a dietitian on to see if there is someone that might be a better fit? Did your doctor’s office have a dietitian or any diet recommendations for you?

  5. Hi Valerie- I’m happy to take care of your account changes today but will move this conversation to email for your security. My contact is so look for an email in a few hours when I can get access to your account.

  6. Hi Steph,
    Was wondering if you are still coming out with the “drinks and desserts” and “during the holidays” cookbooks???

  7. @aanya Very fair question! I wish I had a timeline for those books. They are certainly projects I’d like to finish but truth be told life circumstances (aka having babies) have postponed the books for now. They will come out…one day! :) In the meantime you can search those terms on the website for recipes!

  8. Hi
    I am trying to figure out how much protein, fat,sugar and carbs I should be eating daily. Are you able to provide me with any guidelines or recommendations?
    Thank you.

  9. @cindy wink Hello! Every program differs but I like to look at ratios of protein to fat to carbs instead of set numbers. Sugar goes under carbohydrates in that method of tracking. Here is a blog post with my “Most Asked Questions” and it includes the pie chart recommendations for protein, carbs and fat. It also links to other blogs to answer questions more fully. I hope that helps get you in the right direction!

  10. Would like to know the titles of ur 2nd & 3rd books. Just ordered 1st one.Thanks. having sleeve surgery in Jan.

  11. @Bonnie Zink the plan is for the second book to be about drinks and desserts and the third book to be focused on the holidays. I don’t have a timeline for when those books will be published but am hopeful to get back to focusing on books in the near future. I’ve put all my time and effort into the membership website (plus having two babies over the past few years) so I do hope to get back to those!

  12. Hi Steph .. Gosh, I was excited to see that you had texts of your videos .. then .. you didn’t! I’m deaf and need captions or text copies to use your website. Its pretty passè nowadays to not have captioning available on videos. “What foods B to eat with a RYN” .. no captions. Unless you have available scripts/texts to those videos, I’ll just squeeze out what info in writing I can for the first month, then discontinue and find support someplace else. Hint: I’m sure I’m not the only one! Cheers .. Sandi

  13. Hi Sandi! I do have typed transcripts for most videos and if one is missing please email me and I will find it. I do have it on my list to hire help to add captions and yes I have had requests before! I am a one woman show so I do my best to improve especially for meeting certain population needs. Feel free to email me and I will certainly make an announcement when I have updated videos to have captions. All my best!

  14. Steph – before i commit, is this just a list of meals? I am looking for a structure that has something like pick one food from column A, 2 from column B and 1 from C type of situation.

  15. Hi Sherry!
    My website encompasses a lot of education especially in the form of videos. I am available over email to review food journals and give more specific feedback or ideas to members in that way. I do have meal plans on the meal plans page and an archive of older plans for those who like to follow a pre-written plan. I also have a meal plan template and a bariatric food list plus the hundreds of recipes. There is certainly structure and then options underneath that. I hope that helps answer your question but feel free to ask more over email at

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