Does God Answer Prayer?

Steph Wagner

January 27, 2015

A few weeks ago, my family’s home church in Kansas City featured our story in the series “Does God Answer Prayer?”

We are filled with thanksgiving that the video was made – because it’s beautiful. The story is amazing, and we often cannot grasp the fact that it’s “ours.” I put that in quotations because I believe the story is God’s and that we are simply the main characters. This story was meant to be shared to strengthen faith and to encourage you to never stop praying.

I didn’t post the video right away, because I wanted to wait for the following week’s story to be released. The second part of the series. You see, for the answer to the question “Does God Answer Prayer” to be honestly addressed…there had to be another story told, with another ending.

Thank you to Christ Church Anglican in Overland Park, Kansas – for making beautiful videos, for being courageous to answer a difficult question, and for being generous in your giving that I may share these videos with my followers.

Watch these videos in a safe place where you can cry and you won’t embarrassed when the tears fall. Because they will. 

Follow this link to watch Video #1 – which includes our story. BUT….

Don’t forget to follow this link to watch Video #2 – which includes a dear friends story with a very different (and difficult) ending.

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